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BlackPanther || $BPanther BSC Coin

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Our Idea

The goal behind $BlackPanther coin is to bridge the gap between charity and cryptocurrency to capitalize on an expanding market in order to expand charitable donations into underserved and unserved markets.

Automatic LP

Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges.

Why investing in $BPanther?

$BPanther is a Binance Smart Chain based cryptoasset marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to transact based on long-term speculative and value views. The unique advantage $BPanther offers is combining investing with altruism and charitable causes. $BPanther believes that investment and charity can be merged into one medium to ensure the prosperity of one’s own wealth while benefiting the community and reflecting on the wellness of society positively. Through dedicating a fixed initial supply pool for donations on one hand and continuously feeding the pool from the daily volume of transactions and the interactions of buyers and sellers, BPanther will be capable of targeting a myriad of charitable causes and organizations around the world, especially within underserved and unserved markets, ranging from combating world hunger, saving endangered animals, building schools and hospitals, and significantly more. Community driven as key decisions will be made based on community consensus, following the protocol


Being a community driven coin, Wakanda Community puts business development and marketing at its core activities to ensure that momentum is maintained, partnerships are achieved, and global campaigns are held. $BPanther has implemented a 5% marketing and business development fee to feed the pool in order to drive momentum, achieve price appreciation, cover management fees, cover expansion fees, and attract new investors.

Wakanda Community

We’re a digital village owned by the people

Advanced Tokenomics

Detailed and well designed tokenomics to ensure sustainability and value growth Liquidity as been locked at launch , Verified contract , doxxed Devs and community Driven Verified and rug-proof tested $Bpanther contract to boost confidence in coin

Support System and Agressive Marketing

$BPanther is backed by crypto gurus and influencers to ensure constant momentum



What we'll be up to in 2021

Q1 2021
Protocol Initialized

We have successfully onboarded and confirmed a $BlackPanther trading pair with Bibipom. We have also successfully begun integration process with WhiteBit and began legal paperwork with Bitmart. Our team size has doubled and our marketing campaign has begun.

Q2 2021
The Initial Push

The Whitebit tokenomics integration will be completed along with the completion of the BlackPanther App, Wallet, and Game(s). The Bitmart integration with tokenomics will also be completed in this quarter. We will begin architecting the NFT Exchange as well as video-game integrations. We will be integrating Puppy with African Markets in addition to setting up a Charity drive and charity vote. We will be exploring other exchanges (i.e. Binance) and begin architecting the BlackPanther Exchange. We will be expanding the team by 35% and establish a UK/Ireland office. We will be architecting a crypto educational app as well as onboarding new partners.

Q3 2021
Holding the Line

We will finish our crypto educational app and begin our own charity project. We will begin a community listing donation raise for several exchanges (i.e. Coinbase, Binance, Kraken). We will finish our NFT exchange and release our first video game with BlackPanther integrated. We will be expanding the team by 25% and do a community meetup (pending covid restrictions). We will also be integrating with other large exchanges (I.e. Binance, Mandala).

Q4 2021
The Initial Push

We will finish the BlackPanther Exchange and our charity project. We will finish integrations with our first African market and begin the next integrations with additional African markets. We will create an African based BlackPanther Office and begin hiring in those markets to create jobs. We will be taking donations for our next charity project and begin a vote on the next project as well. We will be establishing a BlackPanther Scholarship in this quarter as well.